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Building a 7 Figure Bass Empire with Scott Devine

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I'm kicking off season two of Behind the Membership with a very special guest, the one and only Scott Devine from Scott's Bass Lessons.

Now, Scott was actually a client of ours for many years, the very last client we stopped working with in fact. And we saw his site go from free YouTube videos and a PayPal donate button to a seven figure membership site in the years that we worked with him.

Scott's Bass Lessons has been running for 6 years now and has attracted over 30,000 members in that time. It's also gone from one-man bad to having a full faculty of world class bass educators. So there's a lot to pack into this episode!

I've never really had the end goal in mind, which is a big mistake…The only thing I did consider is “I'm on a roll, bigger is better, let's keep pushing it as much as we can.” I never really thought it was going to turn into this behemoth school. So it’s been cool.

Listen in to hear:

  • How Scott went from winging it to attracting 30,000 members in just 6 years
  • Getting started with free YouTube videos and how YouTube has been a main source of members – with over 500,000 subscribers to his channel
  • How SBL became the Netflix of bass education and dominated the market with an all-star guest faculty providing weekly live content
  • Offering annual only memberships for less than $200 and what happened when he recently added a monthly option
  • What happened when they changed the format of videos they were producing and why professional marketing videos just didn’t cut it
  • Going from a one-man band to a thriving team and learning to become a manager along the way
  • What he’d change and focus on if he was starting all over again
  • And much much more!

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