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Fighting Through a Crisis of Confidence with Trish Blackwell

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Trish Blackwell, a confidence coach and creator of the College of Confidence is our guest for this episode of Behind the Membership.

Funnily enough, Trish's biggest challenge with her membership initially was actually having confidence in her ideas and what she wanted to create. Fortunately this was something that she was able to overcome in order to build a thriving membership site that's now been running for over three years and which is continuing to grow and evolve.

In this episode, we're talking all about how Trish overcame her original doubts and how the membership model has allowed her to 3x her private coaching fee, while still helping even more people. 

We’re also discussing the challenges of running a business with small children at home and how hiring support for her community was a game changer for Trish and her membership, plus much, much more.

“I think my biggest challenge was my confidence at the beginning. It was so lacking, again, oxymoron because my whole membership is on confidence. But I wasn't confident that it would work for me. I wasn't confident in wrapping my mind around, yes, I'm going to get my first 50 members and that's going to become a hundred. Now, I'm really reaching for that thousand mark. It's getting my confidence in the vision of what I know is possible.”

Listen in to hear about:

  • How  Trish put off creating her membership site for two years and what the catalyst for finally moving forward with her idea was
  • The place the membership has in Trish’s business alongside her private coaching and other programmes
  • What Trish’s membership community looks like and the team helping to ensure everyone is supported
  • How having the membership has enabled Trish to help more people, while increasing her private coaching fee threefold
  • Why launches aren’t a good fit for Trish and the way she wants to run her business and how she markets the membership instead
  • Getting rid of comparisonitis and learning to accept churn without taking it personally
  • Why consistent use of social media like Instagram and Facebook Live has made it easier to make sales
  • The challenge of running a membership site when you have young children at home and why things don’t have to be perfect to succeed

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