Membership Geeks

Well hello there, we're Membership Geeks

We believe that success comes from living a life of your own design; and that your business should support that life, not the other way around

Our mission is to empower experts, influencers and entrepreneurs with the ability to leverage the membership model as a vehicle to freedom, flexibility and fulfilment; and we achieve this by being the number one resource for proven, practical training and support on growing a successful membership business.

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Let's all get to know each other a little better...

With a combined 25+ years in the online marketing and web development industry, we've been privileged to be involved with hundreds of membership sites, communities and online courses covering a diverse range of topics

From weight loss to business coaching, executive training to bass guitar, and everything in between - we spent years helping great clients to achieve fantastic results from their online business.

Now our focus is on teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you to create successful membership sites which earn 5 - 7 figures a year in recurring revenue.

Membership Geeks

I'm Mike Morrison

I made my first dollar online 17 years ago, and that was enough to hook me on not only figuring out how the tech gubbins of websites worked, but also how to marry that with marketing strategy to build an actual online business.

I've enjoyed a lengthy career, running my own agency and working with businesses of all shapes and sizes - including national brands such as McDonalds, ITV and - as well as being at the forefront of growing a number of highly successful memberships.

As the host of our podcast, I'm a little fond of the sound of my own voice and I'm partial to the occasional opinionated rant, borne from a passion to help others navigate the murky waters of online marketing.

I'm Callie Willows

When ill health forced me to reconsider my business, investigating alternative ways to leverage my knowledge and continue helping people led me into the world of digital products and memberships.

I was hooked.

I quickly realised I loved the behind the scenes more than the subject I was teaching; and I became a little obsessed with figuring out the tech side of memberships and the strategy to make them a success.

Partnering with Mike was a no-brainer; and after spending years growing successful memberships for our clients I now love nothing more than teaching thousands through our content and our own membership - the Membership Academy.

4 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Us...



We actually met via a membership site we were part of. No, it wasn't OKCupid...

He can write!

We write good

We've written a couple of pretty great books on memberships. Get us!

Gamer Geeks

Gamer Geeks

Mike's always been a big-time gamer, but he's corrupted Callie and now she puts him to shame

Goat Attack!

Goat Attack

Callie once broke her ankle after being pushed off a cliff by a goat in Australia

Our Core Values & Approach

We sell Steak, not Sizzle

If it's a choice between "sizzle" and "steak", we'd rather be the steak. We don't just want to give off the appearance of greatness, we want to deliver on it. In the online world there are far too many people being lured in by hype-heavy, manipulative marketing, only to be let down once they've handed over their money. We buck that trend.

Happy members fuel growth

Our business has no future if we don’t deliver results for our customers. Happy members fuel our growth, and so everything we do needs to serve the needs of our community and help them to achieve their goals.

Nobody wins when you lose

We avoid “hustle culture” like the plague - if we burn ourselves out then our membership will suffer for it. Boundaries and downtime are essential. We don’t do crazy deadlines, and don’t consider working every hour under the sun to be a badge of honour. We work smarter, and we teach others to do the same.

Problem solving is a superpower

We’re not too big or too important to show up and serve our community. There are no ivory towers in our business. We aim to be relentlessly helpful. “I don’t know, but I'll find out” is a perfectly acceptable answer. It doesn’t help our audience if we pretend to know more than we do. Ego should never become an obstacle.

Prioritise fulfilment

If we’re not enjoying ourselves, then we’re doing it wrong. It’s better to make less money doing things the way we want, than prioritise profit and growth over fulfilment.

Trust is currency

Authenticity and integrity are not buzzwords. We don’t blag, manipulate, cheat or take shortcuts. We don’t sell out our audience in the name of profit. Our business model is sustained by long term customer relationships that span years; and under that lens there is no place to hide. Trust is currency.

Testimonial - Scott Devine

“They’ve helped me turn a 5 figure business into a multiple 7 figure business. If you’re looking for the real deal, these guys are it”

Scott Devine

Testimonial - Chris Ducker

“I've learned more from Mike & Callie about running a successful membership site than I have from anywhere else. Ever. Period!”

Chris Ducker

Testimonial - Shannon Rogers

“I read a lot on marketing and memberships sites, Mike & Callie are far and away the most helpful and genuine I have ever encountered.”

Shannon Rogers

How we can Help Your Membership

  • Regular expert content

    We publish articles, podcasts and videos on a regular basis, sharing proven membership strategies & advice.

  • FREE Facebook Community

    Join thousands of fellow membership site owners & experts, ask questions and get feedback.

  • Membership Academy

    Take your membership to the next level with extensive courses, tools, resources & support.

Let's answer some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you both to build my membership website?

Sorry, as much as we'd love to help you we're officially "out of the game" and no longer work with clients on a one-to-one basis. This isn't us playing hard to get either so it's not a case of asking us nicely; the answer will always be no.

Would I be able to arrange a consultation call to get some advice?

Same thing as above. The place to get access to us is inside our membership site, the Membership Academy. We don't do private consultancy.

Can you recommend a membership plugin/marketing strategy/web developer?

We have a lot of content on this very site and on our podcast about choosing membership plugins, marketing strategy and so on. Check out the Getting Started page to be pointed in the right direction. In terms of recommending web developers this isn't something we're currently able to do for various reasons.

Can I interview you for my podcast, blog or publication?

We're always open to invitatons for us to talk about all things membership related, and will happily consider any interview requests. Simply send us a message via our contact page with a little bit of info about your show/blog etc and we'll get back to you.

Will you speak at my event/appear on my online summit

We'd be happy to discuss the opportunity to be involved in your event. Please note, however, that Mike is the only one who does public speaking (Callie's a little shy...) If that doesn't put you off, please click this link for more details.

When you say "partner", do you mean like partner-partner, or just partner-partner?

Well obviously we mean partner-partner! Or more specifically we are an actual couple, not just business partners. Mike hasn't Beyonce'd up and put a ring on it yet though.

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