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From Overworked CPA to Full Time Guitar Membership with John Hatcher

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John Hatcher from the Blues Guitar Institute joins Callie for this episode of Behind the Membership.

John was previously a CPA and tax accountant working 60 to 80 hours a week, but since having his membership he has been able to quit his job and now focus full time on his membership site, giving him far more freedom. This is even more impressive when you consider that John's membership only actually costs $9 a month!

In this episode John talks about how he made that career transition, as well as how he manages his time and the challenge of content creation in a video-heavy membership site. John also talks about how he went from not having any community at all in his membership, to struggling to get engagement, to now having a thriving community with members connecting and sharing their own videos as well. And of course lots more too!

I didn't want to confuse people at all. I wanted this to be very upfront that it's recurring. I think with what I'm teaching, there's a great case for a recurring model. I want somebody to really invest and come back. You're not going to come to a blues guitar lesson and learn everything you need to know in one lesson, and not even in one course.”

Listen in to hear about:

  • How John has gone super niche with his topic and why he's chosen to focus only on running a membership
  • Why John choose to price his membership at the low rate of just $9pm or $75pa
  • How John went from teaching blues guitar as a hobby alongside his full-time job, to full time membership business
  • Why John didn't initially include a community and how he cultivated engagement once it was added
  • The challenge of running the membership site alongside a full time job
  • The added complications in content production for a video heavy membership
  • Creating a members show each month to highlight his members
  • Putting a weekly lesson on YouTube (he has over 71,000 subscribers!) to attract new members as well as using this as a testing ground for content ideas
  • Running the membership alone for 4 years and what John is now wanting to start outsourcing
  • Why he'd recommend not getting too obsessed with finding the right tech
  • And much more!

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