Membership Geeks

Looking for a knowledgeable and straight talking podcast guest?

That's me. Let's talk about doing awesome things together.

Hey there, I'm Mike Morrison

I love entertaining and educating audiences with actionable, no nonsense insight, ideas and advice.

I'd love to bring my 15+ years of experience at the cutting edge of the online membership industry to your show. I'm someone who walks the walks AND talks the talk, so your audience will be getting real insights backed up with credible results.

Listen, I know everyone and their dog is trying to get onto your podcast, and that finding the right guests is difficult. I want to make your life easy. Check out some of my past interviews below to see what I bring to the table and how I can add value to your show.

Some of my previous Podcast Appearances

Want to have me on your podcast? Let's do this!

First let me ask you a few questions so I can get a good feel for what you need, then we can take it from there...

Let's answer some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge money for podcast appearances?

Not at all. I love nothing more than the opportunity to talk about the wonderful world of online memberships and would never dream of charging to appear as a guest on your show. If I have an opportunity to plug our website and/or my own podcast, that'll be enough for me.

What mic and audio setup do you use?

I currently use a Shure SM7B mic, ran through a Rodecaster to make the sound extra smooth and professional

Are you available for video interviews or is it audio only?

I have a high quality video setup for either video calls or live streaming. Please let me know in advance if our interview will involve video so that I can ensure I look halfway presentable!

Will you promote your appearance on my show

I always make noise about podcasts I'm on, so will share with our social following and mention it in our email newsletter where appropriate. I won't agree to any sort of guaranteed promo activities as a requirement of coming onto a show. I like it be organic, not forced.

If you come on my podcast, can I be on yours?

While the Membership Geeks Podcast has had a few guests in the past, it's categorically NOT an interview show, so opportunities to be a guest are rare. However if I think you can add value to my audience and we click then let's chat about it at the end of our interview for your podcast.

Can we get anyone other than Mike on the show?

Hey!! I'll try not to be offended... however at this time I'm the only member of the team available for public stuff like podcast interviews. So you're stuck with me!