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Creating a High Level Coaching Membership with Coach Pamela Mitchell

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Pamela Mitchell has been a professional coach since 2003, with a focus on helping people to reinvent their careers so that they can live a life that they love. When demand for her services became too high, she decided to launch a membership offering – the Reinvention Launch Club – in order to help more people.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though and in this episode Coach Pamela discusses the mindset shifts that needed to happen for her to be able to move from creating a more traditional content focused and high volume membership to a smaller, more curated and intimate experience where the focus is on individual and group coaching.

We also talk about how Pamela makes use of associate coaches to provide a more one-to-one experience for her members without needing to spend all of her own time coaching, the challenge of finding your own path and being clear on what you enjoy and what's going to give your members the best results when creating your membership model, and the quest to find the perfect community solution.

Plus lots more!

“I closed down the membership for at least six months to rethink and to get my mindset out of what I thought a membership should be…to say, “What makes sense for me and my business? What makes sense for my clients to have the results that I'm looking for?” And that meant that I needed to put coaching front and centre…”

Listen in to hear about:

  • Realising that a membership model doesn’t have to mean content focused or high volume, low cost and how Pamela created a model to suit her needs instead
  • How Pamela utilises associate coaches to provide a more one-to-one experience for her members without devaluing her existing 1:1 services
  • Pamela’s search for the perfect community option for her membership site
  • How members get an initial 90 minute individual coaching call and monthly 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions as part of the membership
  • Raising the membership price from $97 per month to $397 and changing the goal from 1000 members to 100
  • Why Pamela uses evergreen content dripped over 6 months as the backbone of the membership and to set the intention that this isn’t a quick fix 
  • Utilising progress logs in the community to aid both retention and the results that members are getting
  • Why Pamela felt it was important to add a membership to her highly successful coaching business in order to be more future-proof

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