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Launching Quickly in a Global Crisis with Caryn Liles

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Caryn Liles from the Centre of Canine Education is this weeks guest on Behind the Membership, and while her membership is only a few months old she is a great example of what's possible with memberships, even when you have to launch quickly and in a market that you may not think is a fit for online training. Because when COVID-19 first hit earlier this year, Caryn could have easily thought the worst when she had to close her brick-and-mortar dog training business down overnight.

Instead, she chose to pivot quickly to an online membership model for both her existing clients and a wider audience as well. And it's been such a success that she isn't even sure if she'll open up her physical business again.

In just a few months having a membership has quite literally been life-changing for Caryn, giving her more time, less stress and a better work-life balance than she ever thought possible.

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“It's really decreased my stress, which is fascinating. I didn't realise how stressed I was running a brick-and-mortar until I started running a membership. And I think it's a matter of finding what makes you happy as opposed to finding what the public thinks they need or your members or your people think they need. And I can serve people so much better this way than I've ever been able to.”

Listen in to hear about:

  • How Caryn had to completely shut down her popular and well established brick and mortar dog training business due to Covid19
  • Transitioning to an online membership model and how Caryn dealt with existing in-person customers
  • Why Caryn has an initial higher cost and 3 month commitment that then drops to a low cost monthly rate and how she has reduced the number of tiers on offer
  • How Caryn and her members are embracing live training and feedback and how it is allowing more support than in-person work
  • Why Caryn offers 15 minute discovery calls to potential members, and has an incredible 100% conversion rate from them
  • How running a paid training each month and giving members free access helps with retention
  • Why Caryn set firm boundaries to only be available to members Monday to Friday right from the start
  • And how the membership has helped Caryn achieve a work-life balance she never thought possible, and how she may not re-open her brick and mortar business as a result

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