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Success Using a Freemium Model with Mark Asquith

Success Using a Freemium Model with Mark Asquith

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Mark Asquith, founder of Podcast Success Academy, is my guest on this week’s episode of Behind The Membership. 

Mark’s membership story is a little different to most, not only because of its position as part of a wider ecosystem of businesses, but also because it has a whole tier that members can access for free! 

In this episode Mark shares how Podcast Success Academy came to be and what inspired him to build it using the freemium model. He also shares how he’s building a community with two very definitive segments who share an interest in all of his products and the challenges he’s faced in getting his audience to take action. 

Plus he explains how he’s going the extra mile to give his audience the best learning experience by plugging a gap of knowledge in the podcast industry, without the hard sell… And much more. 

“Find me one membership owner that works less than full-time hours, but expects the membership to deliver full-time salaries. Everyone expects that. I can't find anyone that doesn't expect that. Regardless of them working 10 hours a week, they still expect 60 hours per week results. That does not map. Until you've scaled and you've got a decent team, you can't ever take your foot off.

About Mark:

Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built several globally successful businesses since he quit his real job in 2005.

Billed as the U.K. podcast expert, Mark is CEO & co-founder of Rebel Base Media, a podcast tech and strategy company that owns, Poductivity, Podcast Websites, Podcast Success Academy & Rebel Base Studios and is well known as an insightful, thought-provoking and actionable podcast industry keynote speaker.

He's a wildly approachable Brit, Star Wars/DC Comics geek and believes that good business starts with being good to people.

Listen in to hear about:

  • The unique set up of Mark’s ecosystem and how his membership compliments a number of other recurring revenue streams.
  • How he has structured his membership to act as a window to his other businesses and vice versa to give his audience the best possible learning experience. 
  • Why he decided to launch a free tier of his membership in the form of a comprehensive course that others would charge thousands for.
  • Why he segments his community into two stages which accommodates his full ecosystem and filters through to his two Facebook groups. 
  • How he’s developed an understanding of how to get his audience to take action … and keep them taking it. 
  • The challenges and highlights of running a membership alongside his other businesses. 
  • His goals for the future of his membership and how that will help the future generation of entrepreneurs.

Connect with Mark:

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