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Doubling Your Member Base During a Pandemic with Katie Wardrobe

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Katie Wardrobe from Midnight Music, a membership specialising in helping music teachers with technology, is the final guest for season four of Behind the Membership.

Midnight Music has been running for 4 years now and while it has always been successful, Katie has managed to nearly double her member base during the current pandemic, even though she has actually been focused on providing more free content and resources for her audience during this time.

In this episode we talk about how Katie has started providing her previous member only webinars for free each month, attracting thousands of attendees each time, her experiments with creating live courses to keep members engaged and boost sales, and why she reduced her price during the pandemic.

We also talk about the increased challenges involved when schools are paying for a teachers membership, how Katie engages her members by answering forum questions via video, hiring a content manager to keep her free content on track and much, much more!

“I've opened up these member webinars to anybody that wants to attend. You just sign up and submit your email address. And that's been just so good for the business and my numbers for the live webinars once a month has gone from 20 people or so – I'd be happy with 20 people online. And now I'm getting 2000 or 3000 people coming along once a month and joining with the live webinars, which has been fabulous, just amazing”

Listen in to hear about:

  • How Katie ended up specialising in a very niche market and her evolution from in-person workshops and courses to an international membership
  • Why Katie reduced her price and started offering more for free when the pandemic started, and how that has increased her growth as a result
  • The challenges involved when your members are getting a school to pay for their membership
  • Why Katie has started making her member only webinars freely available to attend live, and how they are attended by 1000s as a result
  • How Katie responds to member posts in her community via video, and the effect this has had on engagement
  • Combining a membership with in-person training and how this works to help grow the membership and provide price price anchoring
  • Using free 5 day challenges to grow the membership and testing creating courses live as a way to promote the membership
  • Hiring a content manager and the other team members that help Katie to work as efficiently as possible, particularly when it comes to creating free content

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