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Setting Limits on Member Numbers and Quadrupling Income with Vahn Petit

Setting Limits on Member Numbers and Quadrupling Income with Vahn Petit

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Our guest on this episode of Behind The Membership is Vahn Petit, Founder and singing coach at School Vocalize, an online contemporary singing school based in France.

When Vahn made the decision to adopt a child she realised that she needed to make some changes to the way she worked so she could prioritize family time… and a membership offered her the perfect opportunity to do that. 

Since launching School Vocalize just under two years ago Vahn shares how she has quadrupled her income after niching down to the French market, how she attracts new members using YouTube and how recently introducing a new lower priced tier to her membership has enabled her to still help more people while limiting the number of members in her original level.

She also discusses how the pandemic has had a positive impact on her membership, how she’s building a thriving community who plan to meet in person soon, her goals for the future and much more!

“You can always change things. It's your membership. There are things that maybe are difficult to change is when from the start, you offer too much things. And then you realize that you don't have the time to offer what you said you would offer. And so yeah, my advice is to start simple and then scale from it.

About Vahn:

Vahn has been a singing teacher in contemporary music for 20 years helping her students get the best of their voice with passion. She teaches a diverse range of singers from beginners and self-taught to professionals. 

Listen in to hear about:

  • What inspired Vahn to move from creating courses to launching her school as a membership. 
  • Why Vahn made the decision to niche down her offering to the French market and how this has had a positive impact on the growth of School Vocalize.
  • How she has built her audience on YouTube and uses the channel to attract new members. 
  • Why she made the decision to introduce an additional tier to her membership and how she uses a hybrid enrolment model to offer one to one feedback to her higher tier members.
  • How Vahn is learning to set boundaries with her members to ensure she can both manage the school and spend time with her family.
  • Why she teaches a diverse range of students at varying levels of singing, from beginners to professionals.
  • The positive impact of the pandemic on the growth of School Vocalize. 
  • How Vahn manages her time working on the membership in a way that allows her to play to her creativity. 
  • The positive thriving community Vahn has built within her school with plans for them to meet in person and host a concert post pandemic. 

Connect with Vahn:

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