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Going the Extra Mile for Your Members with Mike Collins

Going the Extra Mile for Your Members with Mike Collins

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In this episode Mike Collins from The Green Room joins Callie to kick off Season 3 of Behind the Membership.

Mike runs his membership site alongside his wife Carina, and over the five years and thousands of members that they've had, they've crafted an amazing community of people, connected by their Irish ancestry, all over the world. One of my favourite things about this membership is the underpinning sense of community in everything that Mike and Carina do, and the special touches they have to really make their members feel connected and part of something.

Listen in to hear all about that and more, such as how Mike manages to travel around the world creating living history for his members. And of course you'll hear about some of the challenges along the way too, like finding the right team members and learning how to attract members on a consistent basis.

“Having the membership has been great fun. It's been quite playful. But ultimately, you know we spend a lot of time still on this, but mostly because we love what the community gets out of it. We love what we're getting out of it ourselves, and I think it's kind of… it's something that we actually find meaningful ourselves and interesting too, you know? And if any of those things were missing, I'm not sure we'd put the same time into it.”

Listen in to hear:

  • How the membership became a full time business that enables Mike and his wife Carina to work together
  • Why they spend money to bring to life individual members ancestry despite it being a low cost membership
  • How the community has flourished and created amazing connections between members around the world
  • The surprising impact that the membership has had not just for Mike but for his members too
  • How travelling around the world has become an integral part of their membership
  • The challenge of hiring the right people and fixing mistakes quickly
  • How Mike utilises bonuses and special offers to move people into action
  • How they achieve a churn rate of 3.5 – 5% per month and why members choose to stay for the long haul
  • Why enjoying what you're doing is so important for long term success
  • How Mike makes use of membership levels and tagging to encourage and reward engagement in the community
  • The value of creating a bi-monthly magazine to further engage members as well as promote the membership
  • The power of running live in person events for establishing even deeper member connections
  • And more!

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