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Fitting a Membership to Your Lifestyle with Chris Marr

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Chris Marr from the Content Marketing Academy (also known as CMA) joins Callie for this episode of Behind the Membership.

Chris launched his membership in 2015 after running a six month in person masterclass and it's now a major focus of his business. Here, he talks about the importance of customer experience in creating a community culture, using free in-person workshops as a way to attract new members and how he has recently launched a very low cost price tier to help those who can't afford his full membership fee yet.

They also talk marketing challenges, how Chris is successfully using Slack for his members community and how the membership has enabled Chris to create the lifestyle that he wants, as he's undergone the transition from flying solo to being a father of four and family man.

“The single biggest challenge is being able to take a strategy, build that strategy, implement that strategy, stick to that strategy, have the patience to see if it works or not and then being able to change that when it doesn't, and not be distracted with all the other things in the meantime.”

Listen in to hear about:

  • How the CMA membership evolved as a follow on from in-person workshops
  • Why Chris has chosen to introduce a very low cost option for those with lower incomes and how this was received
  • How they use free workshops as a source of new leads for the membership
  • The challenge of finding the right sales and marketing strategy for consistent membership sales
  • How moving from a closed door approach to always open transformed the membership
  • Getting members from content marketing and why consistency is key
  • Why Chris is currently focusing on his local area, despite having an international membership
  • Sending physical welcome packs to new members to increase new member engagement and retention
  • Creating an environment and culture that is primed for engagement including weekly calls, private coaching and more
  • Why Chris chose to use Slack for his membership community and how that has worked
  • The power of being able to fit a membership to your lifestyle and better adapt to changes
  • How Chris manages the membership in only 3-4 days a week and the other team members involved in the process

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