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Switching to an Evergreen Membership Model with Jodie Clarke

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Jodie Clarke from The Empowered Educator joins Callie for this episode of Behind the Membership. While Jodie's membership is only just a year old she has already surpassed her member goals and even managed to retire her partner from his job, which has had an enormous impact on her family's life.

In this episode Jodie's talking all about how she succeeded with her membership, from nurturing her wait list to her webinar strategy that's bringing in 5 to 10 new members at a time on autopilot.

And Jodie also talks about moving from a closed door model to an evergreen model and why she's chosen to do that, and so much more as well!

“Now I've gone to an evergreen model so I'm open all the time. Basically the main way I'm grabbing new members is by doing that same webinar…I'm getting between 5 to 10 members each day after those webinars and I have to say it's a lot less stressful, just that gradual drip. I feel like I can onboard people better, I can get them into the group and all of that sort of thing, so at the moment the model's working.”

Listen in to hear about:

  • Why Jodie has moved from a launch model to always being open despite the success of her previous launches
  • How Jodie is utilising an evergreen webinar to bring in 5-10 new members at a time
  • Earning enough recurring income to retire her partner from his terrible job so he can spend time with their kids
  • Other ways that Jodie is growing her audience and membership site, including a free Facebook group and Ads
  • How Jodie is able to charge a higher price than other sites in her niche
  • How the market for The Empowered Educator has actually broadened over the last year rather than nicheing down
  • Getting off the launching and promotion treadmill to start bringing in recurring income
  • How Jodie has reached nearly 700 members in less than a year, with a multi-six figure income
  • The challenges of customer support with a non-techie audience
  • The VIP Waitlist strategy that Jodie used to ensure the success of her launches
  • How making use of Intercom and creating pathways have helped retention and engagement
  • Why it's more important to have a sustainable content creation plan than what your site looks like
  • And much more!

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