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Supercharge Your Membership Site Management with These Time-Saving AI Tools

This is the fourth in a series of AI focused posts that we will be publishing weekly throughout May. You can read the other posts here.

Running and maintaining a membership site is hard work…

But while building a thriving community is a rewarding experience…

You also have to deal with those not-so-joyous admin tasks that zap your time.

If you’re struggling to keep on top of customer service, bookkeeping, content creation, and team members, then it may be time to start automating your admin.

Automation using artificial intelligence means you can make better use of your time while your membership runs smoothly.

Let’s delve into how AI can supercharge your membership management, and some of the best AI tools for doing so.

Automating Your Admin Tasks Boosts Efficiency

Spending most of your time on your admin isn’t good for your members, or growing your membership business.

It’ll leave you feeling stressed out which tends to have a knock on effect on your productivity.

But by letting AI take care of your admin, you'll free up more of your time so that you can participate in high value tasks like looking after your members.

Plus, you'll be able to lighten the load on your team so that you can concentrate on the things that are going to help you scale your membership, such as content marketing.

Automation Reduces Team Costs

If you’re still growing your membership business, you may have a limited budget for outsourcing tasks or hiring new team members.

The good news is that AI-powered tools reduce your labor costs since they can work around the clock without the need for ongoing training. 

If your business grows, it’s much easier to scale with AI systems.

You won't need to spend extra time, energy, or costs on hiring new team members and onboarding them…

And, you can make smarter hiring decisions by outsourcing membership tasks that deliver massive value to your members – things that are going to help them reach their goals, or provide an exceptional experience.

Automation Can Improve Accuracy for Extensive Tasks

Making mistakes is a natural part of life, especially when you’re busy or tired…

After all, no human can perform at a 100% level all of the time.

With AI tools, there’s a higher degree of accuracy so tasks can be performed at scale.

Of course, no tech is completely reliable either…

But as AI is constantly evolving and becoming better and better

The likelihood of making mistakes reduces, and with that comes enhanced efficiency and productivity. 

AI Tools Can Enhance Your Member Experience

One of the biggest benefits of AI for membership owners is the positive effect it has on your member experience.

When your members are fully engaged and making progress towards obtaining their goals, they’re more likely to rave about your site to other people…

And that’s one of your best marketing assets.

Keeping your members happy is the key to a successful membership business

And that all starts with your onboarding process.

AI tools, such as chatbots, can be implemented to boost your onboarding and immerse new members into your membership site from day one.

You can use AI to personalize content, improve communication, update member information, and process payments for an all-round seamless experience…

And when this happens, your members are more than likely going to stay for long haul.

AI-Powered Tools to Improve Your Membership Management

So, what type of AI-powered tools can automate your admin tasks for better membership management?

Creating course content

Your content is what gets the most eyeballs on your membership offer…

It’s one of the things that’s going to help people progress toward reaching their goals.

And it showcases your awesome expertise.

You probably find that you spend most of your time invested in the content creation process…

But, there are AI-powered tools that can help to take some of the hard work off your shoulders.

If you’re creating courses with slides or live presentation-style content, a tool like Beautiful.AI can assist you.

This tool integrates with Powerpoint, Dropbox, and Slack so that you can easily collaborate with team members.

And you can use the pre-designed templates for presenting data, infographics, text, videos, comparisons, and much more.

You’re able to add your membership brand fonts and colors for cohesiveness across slides, add stock images and videos from Unsplash and Pexels, and even upload audio.

This all-in-one presentation tool provides a good starting point for creating this type of content.

If you have a specific aesthetic for your membership, you may find the slides too basic for your needs…

However, for those with limited graphic design skills, this is a decent alternative to the likes of Canva. 

Creating transcripts

For your live training calls, try taking notes with Fireflies AI.

This tool automates the note-taking process so that you can provide transcripts to your members.

To do this, simply upload a video or audio file, and the tool will process and generate a transcript within 10 to 15 minutes.

You can highlight important notes and pin key points in your recordings to help your members get more out of your training…

And if you want to turn your training into blog posts, you can use the AI text generation tool to do so, saving time on content repurposing. 


Having a consistent marketing strategy is essential for bringing new members through the doors.

You can streamline your marketing funnels with – a tool that assists in planning out your strategy by providing recommendations based on the answers to a series of questions about your business. 


You can concentrate on the marketing strategies suggested, or choose a tactic from the extensive library which contains over 1000 strategies.

You can also create AI content using the ChatGPT integration…

This gives you access to templates, including blog post outlines, ads, social media content, and website copy…

Once you choose a template, fill in the prompts and the AI will generate the text for you: isn’t perfect – some of the marketing tactics seem quite basic, and the platform itself can be glitchy at times.

That said, if you’re on a tight budget or just starting your membership, it can give you a starting point for mapping out your marketing funnel. 

Customer service

Good customer service is paramount to any business

You want your members to have the best experience possible, but you also need to consider people that may become members down the line…

A bad customer experience can be detrimental to your membership.

So, to make things easier, try using an AI tool within your tech stack.

One such tool is

This streamlines your email writing so that you can generate an email response within seconds:

SimpleMail works by composing email copy from bullet points.

For example, if you regularly receive emails about the main features of your membership, simply add a few bullet point sentences and the AI will generate a professional email for you.

If you don’t like the text, you can click regenerate.

And you can tell the tool which tone to use – positive, negative, or neutral.

So, what’s the cost?

Well, the good news is that SimpleMail is currently free to use…

The downside is that it only works with Gmail. However, it’s in beta mode right now so more integrations are promised down the line. 

Another tool you may want to add to your customer service tech stack is Threads. keeps customer messages in one place, making it easier to resolve issues…

Keeping on top of your customer queries is essential for refining and improving your membership.

The feedback you receive can help you to refine the messaging on your sales page, improve your membership content, and enhance your workflows…

So, keeping your customer queries in one place, and acknowledging them quickly is good practice.

Threads integrates with Intercom, Twitter, Slack, ClickUp, Typeform, and many more platforms… 

You can tag team members with simple mentions to resolve queries faster, and share positive feedback to enhance motivation. 

What’s more, is that you can also use Threads as an alternative to Slack to collaborate with team members.

By connecting your customer service, team chat, and other projects in one place, you’ll be able to oversee your workflows and organize your business better.

Team collaboration

If you’re outsourcing any membership tasks or building a team, good communication and collaboration tools are a must. is a visual collaboration tool where you can integrate all the tech you currently use like Zoom, Google Docs, and Notion into one easy streamlined platform.

Use pre-built frameworks, such as mind maps and flowcharts to organize your ideas:

Or, use Miro as your virtual whiteboard for brainstorming and planning tasks:

Where Miro really shines is that it enables you to plan out your projects, set goals, and track your progress.

Again, there are templates that can help you to do this:

Miro is a brilliant collaboration tool for those who prefer a visual format or are struggling to organize their team.

And, with the integrated meetings feature, secure workspaces, and guest collaborations, you can also easily collaborate with other people within your niche, such as guest experts.

Financial admin

Understanding your finances keeps your membership wheels turning.

It’s important that you know exactly the amount of revenue you’re generating, your expenses, and profit…

This will help you to make smarter and more strategic decisions like hiring a team.

It’s easy to overlook what you’re spending money on, especially as a new membership site owner – that’s why a tool like Fyle can come in handy.

Fyle is AI-powered expense management software that integrates with all credit cards.

You get real-time data insights into your spending:


And you can connect to everyday apps like Slack and Gmail, meaning it’s easy for a team member to submit their expenses. 

Stay on track with your spending by creating dedicated budgets for resources like software, advertising, and training courses.

And save time reconciling your accounts by integrating your bookkeeping software, such as Quickbooks and Xero.

Fyle is designed for teams with a minimum of 5 users. However, this could include business partners/owners and each individual team member. 

For solo membership owners or smaller teams, Docyt is a good option.

This tool automates your expenses with receipt capture and bill pay, enabling you to view real-time balance sheets so you know how your business is currently performing. 

You can also track individual team member expenses, making it a good option for both memberships who are scaling, and those just starting out. 

To Recap

Incorporating AI tools into your membership site management can be a game changer in terms of time-saving, workflow efficiency, and productivity. 

In this post, we've mentioned:

Whether you aim to minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks, or optimize your workflows, accessing AI-powered tools is an effective way to streamline your membership site operations. 

And by freeing up your time to work smarter, you can fully focus on creating meaningful experiences for your members to enhance the value of your community. 

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