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Success in a Crowded Niche with Scott Baptie

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In this episode of Behind the Membership, Callie talks with Scott Baptie from Food for Fitness about his new membership site, The Food for Fitness Inner Circle.

While Scott's membership site has only been open for a few months, he already has a few hundred members, and here we're talking launching, going all in on the membership model after years of offering services and products, and how he's managed to attract members, despite being in a very crowded market.

We also dive into how Scott uses features like private coaching and accountability groups as part of his membership, as well as what he's doing to grow his membership and improve retention going forward.

It's trying to find that balance of giving people the content so they think, “Okay this is really great, good value for money,” but the value isn't necessarily the content but the community and the support from us. Because if you ask us a question, we'll answer it.”

Listen in to hear:

  • Why Scott wanted to move away from product launches and create predictable revenue in his business by starting a membership
  • How he went all in on the membership model by combining his existing products and services
  • Why he offers personal coaching as part of the low cost monthly membership and how this impacts retention
  • How he’s creating tools and onsite resources to keep people logging in and staying longer
  • What Scott does to stand out and differentiate himself in a very crowded niche
  • How Insta-story ads are his secret marketing weapon for getting new members and the benefits of exit intent pop ups
  • The effectiveness of using Bonjoro to send members a personal welcome video
  • Using accountability groups to encourage community engagement and improve member results
  • How Scott has a team of content writers generating public content for lead generation
  • Why he didn’t want to keep running a Facebook group and chose a forum for his community instead

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