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Behind The Membership: Art Revenue Coaching

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In this episode of Behind The Membership, artist, Josie Lewis, chats to Callie to reveal how she attracted over 800 members during her very first launch of the Art Revenue Coaching membership. 

Josie shares how pivoting her existing audience helped her to double her email list and validate her membership idea…

Plus, she discusses the one thing she will do differently when her membership doors reopen. 

If people are going to be coached by me, knowing that I’m an artist isn’t enough – there has to be more of a connection to my communicating style.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How Josie overcame her fear of creating an online membership (07:55)
  • The MAJOR benefit of online memberships that led to her adding this income stream to her business (10:44)
  • The TRAP that many business owners fall into when they have an existing audience (15:20)
  • The ONE thing that resulted in her DOUBLING her email list (16:55)
  • How learning what the audience wants has been pivotal towards her success (20:38)
  • What Josie plans to do differently for her next launch (22:38)
  • The HUGE membership benefit that she didn’t anticipate (30:10)
  • The model she plans on implementing within her membership to aid her members growth (38:00)
“I would recommend anybody in any business to diversify – as we know in the last couple of years, things change, a lot…fast!!”

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About Josie:

Josie Lewis is a Minneapolis-based artist wanting to kill the myth of the ‘starving artist.’ 

After building a 7-figure art business and growing a social media audience to more than 3 million followers, she’s been pursuing a passion project of developing resources to teach artists to sell their work, including a new membership called Art Revenue Coaching.

Where to find Josie:

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