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Conquering Multiple Membership Markets with Jared Falk

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Jared Falk from Musora and Drumeo joins Callie on the last episode of Season 2 of Behind the Membership.

Jared has not one, but four membership sites, all in different music niches. And with over 10,000 active members in his original membership site, Drumeo, and having served over 200,000 customers so far in his business, he’s achieved a lot by anyone's standards.

In this episode Jared is discussing world domination when it comes to membership sites, including how he is replicating his successful drum membership site into other markets, and how he’s grown his business to a team of 35, with most working on location in his offices in Canada.

And Jared also reveals why he's always trying new things when it comes to marketing and retention and how what works for one site doesn’t necessarily work for another.

It's not apples to apples. I would say the markets are all fruits, but they're apples, bananas and oranges, and maybe one's a tomato, which is actually a fruit. A lot of people get that wrong…The piano market is completely different from the drum market. Piano players … There's a different social culture there. You can't talk in the same tone. You can't even teach in the same way.”

Listen in to hear:

  • How Jared got started with DVDs and courses and ended up creating the ‘Netflix for drummers’
  • How he is able to release an hour of new content a day and has attracted a huge network of world class drummers
  • Why his first attempt at branching into other niches failed, and what he’s doing differently this time
  • How you have to approach each membership differently and tailor your approach to the specific audience
  • How he has grown a team of 35 in-house staff and learned to become a leader and manager along the way
  • Why Jared’s thinking big and planning to expand even further into other markets and languages
  • The challenge of keeping members engaged, inspired and making progress
  • How he stacks the membership in favour of annual signups, including bundling physical products
  • Increasing conversions by providing stage and topic specific sales content and why he’s constantly testing new marketing techniques
  • What’s next on his plans for world domination, and why he’s not creating memberships to have a lifestyle business

Connect with Jared:

  • Drumeo
  • Musora (you can access all his memberships from here)


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