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Creating a Successful Membership Ecosystem with Janet Murray

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In this episode Callie is talking with Janet Murray, PR and marketing strategist and owner of The Studio membership.

Janet has actually built a whole ecosystem around her membership, providing a natural progression through a different range of services and products including books, live events, consulting and mastermind groups.

Here we dive into the role The Studio has in Janet's business, and how the membership has evolved and expanded over the last few years, actually resulting in a current rebrand and a restructuring.

We also look at why customer care is vital and some of the things Janet is doing differently to help with both attracting new members and keeping existing members, including the use of open days, reset and exit calls.

We'll invite people who are on the waiting list to come to one of these open days where we'll show them the membership site, show them what it looks like, show them the content. And I'll actually get some of my existing members to come along on that call to talk with people in person…it's a really powerful way to promote the membership.

Listen in to hear:

  • Why Janet is rebranding and restructuring her membership to focus on financial outcomes for members, and how her focus has broadened over the last 2.5 years
  • How open days have been one of her most successful marketing tools and how she enlists existing members to promote the site
  • How the membership takes minimal time to run a day to day basis
  • Why you can't presume your members will approach things the same way you do and why listening to feedback is important
  • How the membership uses reset calls, cancellation calls and induction calls for increased retention
  • Why Janet has created a clear progression through her various products, with the membership at its core
  • How members outgrowing the membership led to the creation of a higher tier coaching program
  • The challenge of having international members when it comes to pricing and live calls
  • And much much more!

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