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Setting Ambitious Goals for Your Membership with John Michaloudis

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John Michaloudis from MyExcelOnline, a membership which helps people to become Excel experts, is this week’s guest on Behind the Membership. 

John started his membership just two years ago after growing tired of running course launches, and with 1600 members is already a third of the way to his goal of making $100,000 per month with the membership. 

In this episode John is talking all about how he is using evergreen webinars with fast action bonuses to make sales every day, and how email marketing and Facebook ads also contribute to his sales. 

John also shares how moving from a Facebook group to a forum for his community is one of the best things he’s done, and how John isn’t actually the person answering members questions in his community. 

Plus we talk all about the benefits of adding things like Trustpilot reviews to a sales process, creating a business you can take 6 months away from and how member success stories make all the work worthwhile.

And of course, much more!

“The goal that I've always had in mind is to reach that $100,000 monthly recurring revenue. That's the goal that I've always had and I know I'll reach it, it's just a matter of a time. That's where I want to get to and the next goal after that, I don't know. If I get there I'll be like, “What's next?10,000 members.” …”

Listen in to hear about:

  • Why John moved to a membership model despite having success with using the PLF (Product Launch Formula) method for selling courses
  • How John has attracted 1600 members over the 2 years the membership has been running and John’s goal of achieving $100,000 per month in recurring revenue
  • Using evergreen webinars and a fast action offer to attract new members on an ongoing basis
  • How John attracts members by providing lots of free resources and training, and uses the membership to provide more structure, support and certification
  • Why starting with a Facebook group was a bad idea for his community and how moving to an onsite forum has been beneficial
  • The reason John has someone else answering questions in his community rather than it being somewhere he spends time himself
  • Using TrustPilot to add member reviews to the sales process
  • How John has built the business in a way that means he could now take 6 months off if he decided to

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