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Replacing the Family Income in Just 8 Months with Jenny Finnell

Replacing the Family Income in Just 8 Months with Jenny Finnell

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We’re kicking off season five of Behind The Membership with an awesome guest. Jenny Finnell is Founder of CRNA School Prep Academy, a highly specialized membership for nurses in the United States who want to become Registered Nurse Anesthetists. 

The Academy has recently reached its first memberversary and in that time has become a big success – so much so that Jenny was able to retire her husband and reduce her own working hours within eight months of launching the membership!  

In this episode we talk to Jenny about her membership journey so far. How some queries from nurses resulted in her creating a free Facebook group that sowed the seeds for her idea of the Academy, why she hired a team to help her ahead of her launch and how she’s growing her membership successfully with little to no marketing. 

Plus we talk about the challenges she faces managing her time juggling life as a mom of three children (one of which is a newborn) while managing the Academy, how the flexibility of the membership model enables her to better serve her members and much much more! 

“I'm always thinking how can I give back more to my students? How can I make this better for them? And I just got CE approval from the AACN which there's a lot of letters, but essentially it's continuing education for my nurses. I'm trying to find them ways to provide more value. A year from now I want to see how much more value I can provide my students to make the Academy even more of a no-brainer.”

About Jenny:

Jenny Finnell (MSN, CRNA, and Founder of CRNA School Prep Academy) runs a membership community for aspiring Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in the United States. She has been working as a CRNA for over 6 years with a variety of experiences. She is passionate about giving back to the anesthesia community and loves fostering leadership through mentoring future generations of CRNA's. 

Listen in to hear about:

  • What inspired Jenny to create a membership for a very niche market for Registered Nurse Anaesthetists in the United States.
  • How the flexibility of the membership model allows her to deliver content to her members to help them keep up with the constant changes in education in the field. 
  • The impact of the global pandemic on her membership and the wider nursing community, which resulted in the site growing much quicker than originally anticipated in its first year. 
  • How Jenny was able to reduce her own working hours from 70-80 a week to just 2 days and how her husband was able to leave his job and join the business to work with her within 8 months of launching.
  • Growing a membership through word of mouth with no marketing campaigns.
  • How Jenny’s free Facebook group made up of thousands is still thriving even though she’s taken a step back from it to focus on her paying members.  
  • The challenges Jenny faces managing her time juggling life as a mom of three children, working full-time while managing her membership and how she’s learning to set boundaries with her time.
  • How hiring her team early on in her membership journey helped her to launch her site quickly and make it a success. 

Connect with Jenny:

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