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Low Cost and High Volume with Mark Warner

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In this episode of Behind the Membership Callie talks with Mark Warner about his membership site for teachers, Teaching Packs.

Mark has a very different model to most membership site owners, offering only a very low cost non-recurring annual membership.  So we're talking about why Mark made that decision, and how it's enabled him to attract 15,000 teachers to his membership over the last five years, as well as completely transform his own life in the process.

We're also talking about how Mark has spent 20 years building his audience, including an impressive three million Facebook page likes. And Mark discusses how he uses reviews and free resources to attract new members, and why, unlike most memberships, his members join for the content and stay for the content.

We have a review system on the sites, where teachers can post reviews of our packs, and we've got over a thousand five star reviews. Which is just amazing feedback from teachers, saying, “We use this with our children. It had such a great impact, the children loved it.” That feedback is just incredible and also really helps to market the site.

Listen in to hear:

  • How Mark first started a free website when training to be a teacher and how this led to the creation of his membership site
  • Why he chose a low cost and high volume membership model and how he’s been able to attract 15,000 members as a result
  • How Mark implemented a review system for his membership content which now has over 1000 5* reviews, and how this helps with sales and SEO
  • Why his payments aren’t automatically set to recur and how he retains members year after year
  • How Mark gave up teaching to focus on helping other teachers and achieve greater impact
  • How free samples and Facebook are his best marketing assets
  • How Mark uses member feedback, polls and surveys to aid his content creation and how this led to him creating a second membership level too
  • The challenge of organising five years worth of content in his membership without causing overwhelm
  • How the membership site has transformed Mark’s life, giving him more time freedom and more time with his family
  • The one thing he’d do differently and his best advice for anyone thinking of creating a membership site

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