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6 Types of People Who Should Start a Membership Website

Who should start a membership website?

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Considering starting a membership website?

Perhaps you should be…

In this episode I look at 6 types of people who are especially well suited to starting a membership site, and discuss some of the various strategies they could consider.

Episode Summary:

  • Why a membership is great for anyone with knowledge, expertise and experience to share
  • How coaches and people in creative or technical fields can use a membership to enhance their business
  • The one type of person who definitely should not start a membership
  • Industries that have the most opportunity for membership businesses

Key Quotes:

“If you have expertise and knowledge to share, then a membership is the perfect place to share it. Memberships are a great way to leverage your skills and experience on a one-to-many basis. It's the perfect vehicle.

“If you're a course creator, you couldĀ have an ‘alumi' membership for people who have already taken and ‘graduated' from your courses, so it's a way to keep them within your learning environment, to keep them within your ecosystem and to support them on their journey after they've finished your course.”

“Someone in a creative or a technical field can offer a huge amount of value inside a membership through things like downloadable templates, stock assets, ready-made graphics and so on”

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