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6 Reasons to Consider Starting a Membership Website

Start a Membership Website

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Anyone who has followed us for a while will probably know that we tend to put more effort into talking people out of starting a membership than we do to trying to convince people they should start one.

Simple reason is that there are countless snake oil salesman out there portraying memberships as something they're not. We try to save people from that.

In fact we kicked off last year with a show all about the reasons NOT to start a membership!

However, today's episode of podcast breaks from our norm as we take a look at some of the most compelling reasons you should consider starting a membership website.

In this episode:

  • Why Mike usually tries to talk people OUT of starting a membership website!
  • The upsides of recurring revenue for both profitability and business stability
  • How working ‘one-to-one' limits you in more ways than you realise
  • The importance of being fulfilled as a business owner, and how memberships help

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