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Where Should You Host Videos For Your Membership Site?

Where To Host Videos For Your Membership

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Most memberships in the online space feature some form of video content.

But the question of where to host these videos continues to confuse many membership site owners.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I delve into the 6 main options you have for hosting your membership videos and give my definitive recommendation (as well as what the absolute no-no is when it comes to video hosting)

Episode Summary:

  • Why it's important to use a purpose-built video host rather than simply using a file hosting company
  • What are the implications of storing video files on your own website host or server?
  • Are those unlisted videos on YouTube¬†really as protected as you thought they were?
  • Our number one video hosting recommendation for membership owners.

Key Quotes:

“Video file sizes are usually a heck of a lot bigger than images, PDF's and other types of files and, if you're hosting those video files on your own server it's also going to slow your website down. You're going to be taking up a lot of bandwidth when people watch your videos and that's going to affect other areas of your site, it's going to affect load time and performance.”

“When you use a proper video host, their servers are not only fine tuned for the sole purpose of serving up video fast and without problems with buffering but also, when you upload the video file itself, it gets optimised to reduce the file size as much as possible without spoiling the video. So, this means less storage taken up, this means videos load quicker, they perform better and it's overall a much better experience for the people viewing the video.”

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