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Amy Schmittauer on Building Authority through Video Marketing

Amy Schmittauer - Building authority with video

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Positioning ourselves as the go-to people in our industry is often the main goal of developing your brand. And video marketing is one of the most effective ways to cultivate this authority.

Amy Schmittauer is the queen of video marketing and the author of Vlog Like A Boss; and her no-nonsense approach to using video to build authority fits in exactly with what we’re all trying to do as membership site owners.

When we spoke to her recently for The Membership Guys Podcast, Amy was kind enough to share with us her top 5 tips on building authority with video marketing.

1.Get Over Camera Fright with Passion

Amy certainly understands how scary it can be to get in front of the camera and record yourself.

She wasn’t a camera person at all growing up. But when it came time for her to be on camera for her business, she did it even though it felt awkward.

The way she got over her camera fright was by believing in her message so much that she did what it took to make it happen.

Remember who you’re speaking to and what it is they want when you implement your video marketing strategy.

Believe in your message and know that the most important thing is that your audience gets that message.

You don’t have to be a camera person or a performer to use video marketing to build your authority.

If you don’t believe in your message, you won’t get better on video or anywhere else.

2. Share What You Talk About Everyday

When you’re starting your video marketing strategy, start talking about something you talk about everyday.

If people are asking a certain question over and over again or are interested in your expertise in a certain area, use it for your videos.

Think your topic is too ordinary?

If you want to make something more interesting, you just need to know your audience better.

What are their problems?

They may not have to do with the specifics of your topic.

Ask yourself, what other problems do your clients have that aren’t directly related to your solution? You can reach your audience through other topics that they’re more interested in.

You really have to know someone and get down to their level of understanding to interest them in video or any platform.

3. Be Loud for Your Community

If you feel you have the ability, knowledge, and skills to be an authority, you have to be there for your audience no matter how unworthy or uninteresting you feel.

In social media, the loudest people win.

You don’t have to be the loudest, but be loud and be there for your community.

When you let your light shine, you begin to be an authority.

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others in your industry, you’ll be distracted from your own journey of becoming an authority.

Your competitors don’t have an impact on your success.

You are the only reason you’ll become a success. Focus on how you’re doing it for yourself.

That’s what will help you get to the next level.

4. Always Show Your Face

People want to see your face even if it’s only for 5 seconds.

Just because you’re screencasting for one of your video products, doesn’t mean you should rely on your screencast.

When you rely too much on the screencast, you may be going on too long. It can be boring for your audience to listen to your voice and watch a screen for an hour.

If your tutorial is efficient, it won’t take extra time. Explain your subject succinctly and spend extra time on connection.

Take the time to film intros and outros for your screencast videos. This small effort makes a huge difference.

A call to action at the end won’t be compelling if there is no face.

This small change can upgrade your videos and improve your conversion rates.

5. Speed Up Content Videos

Every video you make has to have a focus.

A product video will have tons and tons of value, while a content marketing video may be quicker and to the point. This timing is important.

You have to get to your point in a content marketing video. On Youtube, you have about 8 seconds to convince someone to stick around and watch the rest of your video. You need to have convinced them to stay by that mark.

If you don’t get to the meat of your content until a minute in, you’re making your audience wait too long. If they didn’t skip the intro, they left to get the answer from someone else.

If you get your audience to stick around, you’ll get them to come back. With Youtube ads, your audience has already spent time waiting to watch your video.

Don’t make your intro so long that you lose your audience.

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