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4 Unusual (But Effective) Membership Content Strategies

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While the majority of online memberships tend to fall into the same 2 or 3 models in terms of how they deliver their premium content; there is much to be learned from those membership sites that do things a little differently.

In this episode I discuss 4 content strategies for memberships that are fairly uncommon but certainly effective, and discuss ways in which you could incorporate aspects of those strategies into your own business.

Episode Summary:

  • Why platforms such as Patreon and the creator programs offered by YouTube and Facebook are giving way to a new breed of online membership.
  • How some memberships give away their content for free initially, and then charge money for access to their archive
  • How one of the oldest offline content distribution models could be used for a membership website
  • Giving your members “credits” to allow them to purchases limited quantities of content

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