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Repurposing Your Membership Content with Amy Woods

Repurposing Your Content with Amy Woods

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The typical membership site owner creates a LOT of content.

Not just for their paying members, but as part of their marketing strategy too.

It's a lot of work – so anything you can do to increase the impact and the reach of the content you create is a big win.

Content repurposing can help you squeeze every drop of value from your courses, tutorials, blogs, videos and podcasts; and in today's episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I'm joined by the queen of content repurposing – Amy Woods from Content10x – to discuss ways that you can repurpose your membership content.

Episode Summary:

  • The right way to approach repurposing your content to ensure you stand out, not just making more noise
  • Should you try to “be everywhere” when it comes to content platforms and social media?
  • Specific things you can do to repurpose both your paid membership content as well as your free content
  • The 2-3 steps you can take – starting with your next piece of content – to get to grips with repurposing

Key Quotes:

“Not everybody consumes content in the same way. Not everyone listens to podcasts. Not everybody watches video. Not everybody likes to read. If you're not repurposing your content, you're just missing out on reaching different people in different places.

“Focus on one core channel. It's hard to go all in on video, all in on podcasting, all in on blogging and then simultaneously also go all in on Facebook Lives. You can't do that. You need to focus on one core channel and then have a repeatable process of how you then repurpose that content into the other places where you know your audience are.”

“Content repurposing is not where you post on Instagram and tick the little box that says: ‘Also post on Facebook.' There's a lot more to it!”

More repurposing advice from Amy Woods:

Mentioned in this episode:

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