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Retain Live 2019 Debrief with Mike and Callie – Part One: The Build Up

Retain Live Debrief Part One

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Two weeks ago, we kicked off our very first live conference: Retain Live 2019.

It's the first time we've run an event of this scale, and to say it was a new, interesting and challenging experience would be a major understatement!

While the event itself was a huge success and we've had overwhelmingly positive feedback – getting there certainly wasn't smooth sailing.

In the first of our two-part debrief, Callie joins me on the show to discuss the weeks leading up to the event – as the workload (and stress levels) ramp up.

In this episode…

  • Why we hated the whole process of selling tickets for our event, and the reason we ended ticket sales early
  • The big discovery we made about ourselves while preparing for the conference and working with our event team
  • Unexpected challenges and frustrating obstacles that led to us hitting breaking point the week before the event
  • Our biggest lessons and top takeaways for anyone thinking of running an event like Retain Live

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Rehearsing for our opening keynote – our first time as a double-act on stage

Figuring out the agenda was a lot more challenging than we'd realised it would be!

Callie's office (and most of our house downstairs) was overtaken by deliveries of stuff for the event

Things started to feel VERY real when we received namebadges for our attendees and speakers

Definite goosebumps when we visited our AV teams workshop and saw them working on the logo for our stage

One of my totally unnecessary 1am purchases – bottles of water for speakers (as though the venue wouldn't have some!)

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