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How to Tap Into Your Existing Members to Create Social Proof

How to Tap Into Your Existing Members to Create Social Proof

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Social proof is a powerful marketing tool.

Everyone expects you to talk about how awesome your membership is – that's a given – but when others back you up then it's a whole different ball game.

Testimonials, endorsements and success stories go a very long way – and as a membership site owner you have the perfect resource at your disposal to generate this sort of social proof: your existing member base!

In this episode, I talk about the most effect ways of tapping into your existing members to help you to create highly persuasive and effective social proof that will help you to skyrocket your marketing.

Episode Summary:

  • Why social proof is especially powerful for promoting a membership site
  • The importance of “marketing after the sale” and how social proof isn't just about attracting new members
  • How to encourage your members to give you testimonials and share their successes
  • How to pro-actively spot everyday opportunities to collect social proof assets

Attracting New Members Course

Key Quotes:

“Social proof is a big factor in risk reversal because it's crowd-sourced endorsement. You've got people vouching for you – visible, verifiable endorsement that isn't just you saying:  ‘hey look at how great we are'; It's other people saying, ‘yeah actually these guys are kind of great.'

“So few people proactively ask for testimonials. If you want amazing, powerful social proof you need to ask for it. Reach out to your members, let them know you're seeking testimonials. If they've had a positive experience,  a win that your membership has helped them get, that you'd appreciate just a few sentences that sum up the role that the membership has played for them.”

“Get your members involved in your content; it's a great way of not only giving that social proof but you also elevate your members too. If you're seen as an expert in your industry, as a big name, then by association you are really helping to elevate the people who come on your podcast, who feature on your video blogs and so on. So that's a great benefit and a great boost for your members as well.”

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