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4 Things Membership Site Owners Should Be Doing Every Day

4 Things Membership Site Owners Should Be Doing Every Day

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Running a membership site is a juggling act.

There’s a seemingly never-ending list of things to keep on top of; and with much of the focus revolving around things like producing content and marketing to bring in new members it’s easy to see why some of the basics get missed.

However it’s often the relatively minor day to day activities that have the real impact on how successful a membership site is.

Here are 4 such activities you should make sure you’re doing each and every day in your membership:

Answering customer support enquiries

Great customer support can make or break a business.

And memberships are no different.

A positive member experience is critical to ensuring people stick around long term, so if members are experiencing problems with your website, then that’s not something you want to let fester.

Especially if it’s an easy fix.

You need to ensure that you have a robust system for dealing with any and all support queries.

Helpdesk software like Zendesk or Helpscout will make this all a lot easier to handle; while chat systems like LiveChat or Intercom can greatly simplify proceedings from a member point of view.

While it’s impractical for members to expect an instant response, they shouldn’t have to wait more than 24 hours at the absolute most.

Documenting feedback and observations from your audience

When you strip everything away, all of us running businesses – whether they’re memberships or not – are merely problem solvers.

But you can’t create a solution unless you fully understand the problem – and that means listening to our audience and implement what we learn from them.

It’s good practice to keep some form of ‘ideas bank’ in which you keep note of the sort of questions your audience ask; the topics they discuss, frustrations they share and – most importantly – the language they use when talking about this stuff.

Updating your ideas bank daily will give you an endless resource of ideas and inspiration for things like:

  • Blog topics to write about and podcasts to record
  • New courses and workshops to add to your membership
  • Specific language to use in your marketing emails
  • Pain points and frustrations to address on your sales page

And a lot more.

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Pay attention to the emails you receive, the discussions inside your paid community, Facebook groups, blog comments and personal conversations; and build a daily habit of documenting any takeaways.

Starting and replying to community discussions

Getting momentum in your community can be hard.

Keeping it can be even harder.

As the leader of your online community – be it a forum, Facebook group, Slack channel or whatever – you need to set the pace when it comes to participation.

Especially if you’re an expert or authority in your industry.

If members have joined your community for some sort of access to you, then you need to actually show up.

That means starting new discussions, answering questions, replying to topics others have started and welcoming new members.

If you don’t take part in your own community, nobody else will, so ensure it’s part of your daily routine.

Making noise about your membership

Much of the discussion around marketing tends to focus on the latest shiny object tactic, tool or platform.

Webinars, Facebook Live, 3 part video series and such like.

However I can’t understate the value of a solid undercurrent of continuous, low-level marketing activity such as simply making sure that you’re dropping a mention of your membership across various social channels on a daily basis.

Each and every day, find an organic excuse to shine a light on your membership site.

This could be as simple as:

  • recording yourself planning a new course on Instagram stories
  • sharing a screenshot of a positive comment from inside your member forum
  • wishing a member good luck with an exam or a product launch
  • sharing a great result one of your members has had
  • announcing newly released content

The list goes on and on.

This consistent activity helps raise overall awareness levels about your membership and allows you to tap into social proof without being overbearing.

How many of these things are you already doing on a day to day basis?

Is there anything we missed, or a particularly task that’s always top of your to do list?

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