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4 Things That Have Made Us More Productive Membership Owners

4 Things That Have Made Us More Productive Membership Owners

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Membership site owners wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of tasks on a day to day basis.

With so many moving parts, and so many plates to keep spinning, anything that we can do to streamline our workload and become a little more efficient is a big win.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I talk about 4 specific things we do within our business to make us far more productive in running our membership

Episode Summary:

  • The one small change to our video creation process that cut production time in half
  • The specific way we involve our team members in our regular live calls that seriously lightens the workload for us
  • How batch creating several months worth of content at one time is far more efficient than doing it on the fly
  • The importance of documenting processes for any task you repeat more than once per month

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Asana – the project management system we use in our business
  • Rebel Base Studios – the podcast studio in Sheffield where we record our show
  • TeleprompterPad – the teleprompter we use for our videos

Key Quotes:

“Everyone running a membership should be developing processes and repeatable templates for any task that you're doing more than once. Not only does this help you streamline your workload it also gives you a great starting point for identifying tasks that you can to outsource to others, enabling you to focus on the stuff you do best.

“Get into the habit of batch producing content. It really frees up your mental bandwidth and it helps you ensure that the content you're putting out is better quality, because you're not having to rush it all at the last minute.”

We were recording quite a lot of videos and we assumed would need the whole week to get them recorded and edited. We got them done in a single morning and that is entirely because we had a teleprompter.”

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