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How To Level-Up by Creating a Membership Ecosystem

How To Level-Up by Creating a Membership Ecosystem

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So your membership is ticking along nicely, you're bringing in new members at a steady rate (and they're sticking around too), you've got your systems and processes nailed and everything is running like clockwork.

What next?

There are a few different paths you can take for growing and scaling your membership business; but in this episode I want to talk about my favourite approach, one that's perfectly suited to the membership model.

And that is creating an ‘ecosystem' of products and services with your membership smack-bang at the heart of everything.

Episode Summary:

  • Why membership owners should break from the traditional “value ladder” strategy for offering additional products and services
  • Your existing member base is the single most qualified segment of your audience for anything else you have to sell
  • Why your first priority should be getting new members rather than trying to sell them other stuff
  • “The money is in the list?” – nope, the money is in the membership, literally!

Key Quotes:

“Put your membership at the absolute heart of everything else that you do. Any other products, any other service offerings, anything else that you're offering to your audience, you put your membership at the very heart of that. And everything else springs out from it. So your number one priority becomes getting people into the membership first and then when they're in there… you expose them to other ways in which you can help”

“People are going to be far more likely to stay in the membership because they're going to associate the results they're getting, the wins they're getting with you as a problem solver and not necessarily tie it to just one specific offering.”

“Focus your efforts, focus your sales funnels, focus your marketing campaigns into getting people into the membership first, then you have the most qualified segment of your audience in one place.”

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