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3 Questions That Will Accelerate Your Membership Growth

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A clear understanding of what makes your audience tick is key to ensuring your marketing is on point.

So often people forget this.

They get swept up in the latest quick fix marketing tricks, Facebook ad hacks and flavour-of-the-month sales funnels that they ignore that the foundation of successful marketing is understanding your audience.

Their pains, their problems, their motivations.

This stuff isn't difficult to zero in on. And in this week's podcast, I discuss the 3 questions every single membership site owner should be asking, and what to do with the answers to improve both your marketing and your retention strategies.

Episode Summary:

  • Why you need to understand your members motivations in order to refine your marketing communications
  • The 3 most important segments of your audience that you need to be speaking to
  • Specific examples of how to use member (and non member) feedback in order to change your sales page, email messages and other areas of your marketing strategy
  • The keys to preempting and preventing cancellations, and tempting ex-members to return

Key Quotes:

“‘Why did you actually join our membership?' The answers to this question will give you insight into the most compelling aspect of your membership, what it was that drew people to you in the first place, so that you can then focus on those elements more within your marketing, on your sales page, in your copy, in your emails and so on.

“They're on your list for a reason. Presumably, they like your stuff. And at some point, they considered you a good person to learn from, somebody they wanted to get information and advice from. And the fact that they're still on your list and they haven't unsubscribed means that they continue to believe that you are somebody worth hearing from. So why haven't they joined your membership?”

“You need to know why people are going. Use the answers you get to plug up the gaps and find the real problem areas in your membership. And of course, to identify whether you're bringing the right kind of people in. “

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