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What Should Be Your Membership Refund Policy?

What Should Be Your Membership's Refund Policy?

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Refunds suck.

Let's face it – someone asking for their money back is never cause for celebration.

But the fact is that while it might hurt your feelings, hurt your wallet or just flat out annoy the hell out of you when people ask for a refund – having a fair refund policy is ultimately a good thing for you and for your membership.

In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I explore the best ways to deal with refund requests, and provide my top pointers for what you need to include in your membership's refund policy.

Episode Summary:

  • Why you should have a fair refund policy, even if you have totally legit reasons to not want to give money back
  • The problems and pitfalls with trying to fight back against refund requests
  • Key conditions to include in your membership's refund policy
  • What to do if someone asks you to refund several months of membership payments

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Key Quotes:

“Some people offer refunds, but they make them so conditional that they may as well just not offer refunds at all. You know the sort. You can have a refund as long as you can prove that you've implemented literally everything piece of our advice to the absolute letter and can also prove that you've not had a single result, not even the most minuscule of benefit. Or even cracked a smile during the whole time you've been a member. Seriously? You might as well just not bother. You might as well just say no refunds.”

“If you decide to take a hard line and fight refund requests tooth and nail, then you'll end up spending a lot of time and energy on the wrong thing. It's so much better to channel and to focus your energy into positive stuff rather than negatives. And fighting back against refund requests is certainly one of the biggest negatives you might deal with as a membership site owner.”

“Don't feel uncomfortable asking people why they want a refund, either. You may be surprised with the reasons that they give you. Again, as with cancellation, someone wanting a refund isn't always because they think your website is low quality, or they don't think they've had value for money.”

Nailed your membership refund policy? Then check these out:

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