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The Untold Origin Story of The Membership Guys (Episode 300 Special)

The Untold Origin Story of The Membership Guys

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Every superhero has an origin story…

And as we're celebrating a huge milestone of releasing 300 episodes of The Membership Guys podcast…

Callie and I decided it's finally time to share ours.

This is something we've never done before!

We're typically very private, focusing on creating content that helps people rather than creating content about our personal lives.

But seeing as we're superheroes of the membership industry…

(because we are, right?)…

And “with great power comes great responsibility” and all that…

We're sharing how we got to where we are today – overcoming some very big challenges along the way – with the hope that maybe it can help you on your journey to achieve the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment that comes with owning a membership site.

Because for us, that's what it's all about. 


Episode Summary:

  • The story of how Callie and I met
  • Our business journey, including bad partnerships, 20 hour work days, and of course… memberships
  • Some personal struggles with depression, burnout and health issues that we've never talked about before
  • PLUS we discuss how Callie launched her first membership focused business with a karate theme, despite having never actually seen the movie Karate Kid (shock), how in a weird multiverse The Membership Guys may never have come to be and much more!

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