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How Are You Celebrating Membership Day on Feb 28th?

Did you realise there isn’t an official day celebrating the wonderful world of memberships?

Heck, when ‘National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day’ is an actual thing, I think us membership site owners deserve to have a day of our own!

So we’re leading the charge to make February 28th officially Membership Day.

And we’d like to encourage you to take part and use this day to celebrate your fantastic membership and the amazing people who are part of it.

Membership Day is all about helping to raise awareness of and celebrate online memberships:  the people who run them, the people who join them and everything in between.

As such, there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate it!

But if you’re feeling stuck for ideas, here’s 10 ways you could celebrate to get your creative juices flowing:

Give your members a big shout out

You can't celebrate #MembershipDay without acknowledging the most integral element of your site – your members!

Use this as an opportunity to recognise individuals inside your community for their wins, their progress and their fantastic results.

Talk about your membership

This is the perfect opportunity to actually tell people about your membership!

What is it, who is it for? Share what you’ve created and why.

Share the love – tell everyone about your favourite memberships you're in

There are so many awesome memberships out there and #MembershipDay is the perfect time to celebrate them.

Give your favourite memberships a shout out on social media and tell us what makes them so great.

Host a member mixer inside your community 

Super easy to set up, great for fostering connections – both between you and your members and within your wider community – the member mixer is a very informal way of celebrating everything about your membership with those that matter the most.

Just make sure you share the fun on social so we can all feel part of it.

Go live to share the impact your membership has had on everyone involved

Running a membership can be one of the most rewarding experiences…

And so can being part of one!

One thing you can do to mark #MembershipDay is to go live on your Facebook page or YouTube channel to share the impact that your membership has had on both your life and that of your members.

Launch a new feature, or release a new piece of content inside your membership

Maybe even give your wider audience a special sneak peek too.

Memberships are living, breathing, evolving products and it's exciting for members and owners alike when new content or features are added to a site.

So let's take time to celebrate these new additions on #MembershipDay.

List the top tools you couldn't be without running your membership

Memberships are nothing if not complex to run – there are a lot of plates to spin and some awesome solutions out there to help owners do that in the most efficient way.

So let's give these tools – plugins, platforms, CRMs, software etc – some love on #MembershipDay by sharing what our top tools.

Take your audience behind the scenes of life as a membership owner

We all want to know what goes on behind the scenes of a membership, don't we?

Take us behind the curtain to show us what life is like for you as a membership owner.

Do a flash sale / special offer on your membership

If you're considering planning a flash sale of promoting an upcoming special offer on your product or service, then make #MembershipDay part of your campaign.

Or if your doors are closed, this is a perfect opportunity to email your wait list with a special one day only chance to join your membership!

Share what you love most about being a membership owner

The aim of #MembershipDay is to celebrate the wonderful world of online memberships, and what better way to do that than us all sharing what we love about them!

There you have it, 10 easy ways to celebrate Membership Day this year! 

Which ones will you choose?

Remember, whatever you decide to do be sure to add #MembershipDay so that people can easily find and share your Membership Day posts!