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Setting Goals for Your Membership Business: A Practical Process

Setting goals for your membership is an essential part of fuelling continuous growth.

But simply setting them isn’t enough…

Actually following them through and achieving your goals is a whole other challenge.

And often that’s where people fall short.

To make sure you get where you want to go, you need to have a solid process, one that not only ensures that the goals you’re setting are realistic, but also achievable.

Setting unrealistic goals without a clear plan of action pretty much guarantees failure.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry we’ve got your back!

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you a practical goal-setting method that we’ve used to grow our business.

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Celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Membership Academy

Wow…7 years of Membership Academy!

It’s been an exciting year as we began 2022 with a rebrand to become known as ‘Membership Geeks’. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength as we’ve focused on growing our membership.

Listen in as Callie and I discuss the highs and lows of Membership Academy and look ahead to what’s in store for the coming months and beyond.

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Behind The Membership: Process Driven

From accidentally creating a waitlist of buyers during the pandemic to running a membership with over 600 members, Layla Pomper of ProcessDriven, certainly has an interesting story to tell.

In this episode of Behind The Membership, Layla reveals all to Callie, sharing how she made the leap from service-based provider to thriving membership owner, and why she’s avoided a pay monthly pricing strategy.

Plus, she also discusses how getting into the minds of her active members has been crucial towards her success.

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8 Simple Ways to Add a Personal Touch to your Membership

The one-to-many aspect of the membership model is one of it’s greatest benefits.

Being able to serve your audience on a larger scale is what attracts a lot of membership owners to this type of business – however it does come at a cost.

The larger your membership grows, the less able you are to create a more personal connection with individual members, and that can be unsatisfying for both them and you.

However there are still ways you can add a personal touch to your membership, even with hundreds and thousands of members to serve, and in this episode I talk about 8 of the best ways to do that.

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How To Avoid Your Membership Becoming a Burden

Creating a membership is an exciting time… 

The creative juices are flowing…

The sense of accomplishment from launching something new is exhilarating…

And there’s an undeniable buzz you get with every new member who joins!

But how do you feel months or years down the line?… 

Does your membership still motivate you?

Or is it starting to feel like a chore?

Let’s face it, sometimes things don’t work out as nice and rosy as you imagine them to be!

But, when you’ve got a membership site to run, you have an obligation to keep it going, especially if people have paid for yearly access!

So, what can you do to prevent your membership from feeling like a burden?…

Let’s find out…

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Behind The Membership: Art Revenue Coaching

In this episode of Behind The Membership, artist, Josie Lewis, chats to Callie to reveal how she attracted over 800 members during her very first launch of the Art Revenue Coaching membership. 

Josie shares how pivoting her existing audience helped her to double her email list and validate her membership idea…

Plus, she discusses the one thing she will do differently when her membership doors reopen. 

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7 Ways to Get New Members Once Your Membership Launch is Done

In many ways your membership launch is some of the easiest marketing you’ll ever do.

Bringing something fresh to market almost automatically attracts curiosity and attention, and the timely nature of your launch coupled with the urgency from deadlines given to typical launch offers and promotions helps to generate a lot of buzz.

However what happens once your launch is over and the hype dies down. How do you make sure you continue to attract new members?

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Top Takeaways from the Online Membership Industry Report 2022

Do you know what the average churn rate is for a typical online membership?

How about revenue benchmarks?

Average conversion rates?

What about the most popular tech solutions? Or the most effective marketing channels?

Truth is, there’s very little reliable data available about the online membership industry.

That’s because this market is relatively tiny.

It’s a niche, of a niche, of a niche.

What data we do have tends to come from either the broader subscription industry, or from membership associations.

Neither of which reflect the online membership world.

A few years ago we made it our on a mission to change that by conducting a survey of thousands of membership owners designed to shine a light on the real data and benchmarks for the online membership industry.

And now it’s time for an update…

We’ve spent the past fews months tapping into our audience of tens of thousands of membership business owners to identify how they’re performing, what challenges they’re facing and which benchmarks and trends are prevalent.

And we’ve compiled those results into the Online Membership Industry Report 2022

In today’s episode of the Membership Geeks Podcast, I’m sharing some of my top observations, takeaways, trends and other interesting tidbits and insights taken from this year’s report.

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How to Create an Extraordinary Member Experience

Imagine this. Your members are fully engaged with your content in your membership site, attending your live calls, talking to one another in your forum…

And most importantly reaping the rewards of being part of your community by achieving awesome results…

That’s the dream, right? 

Believe it or not, this dream can become a reality….

And it all starts with you delivering an extraordinary member experience.

Doing so will not only create loyal and engaged members, it will also turn those members into advocates…

And as we always say, happy members are your absolute best marketing asset!

So what can you do to achieve this? Let’s find out… 

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Behind The Membership: Creative Crafting Club

Christelle Janse van Rensburg, Co-Founder of the Creative Crafting Club, is a membership owner whose journey has been a little different from most.

She started off with a franchise model for in-person kids craft clubs in South Africa.

But when the pandemic shut everything down, Christelle and her sister/Co-Founder, Stefanie, were forced to find an online alternative to keep their business going.

Step forward the membership model… 

Since launching their membership Christelle and Stefanie’s lives have changed in the best possible ways.

Not only do they love what they do, but they’ve managed to build a thriving community and find a work-life balance that’s right for them, all while growing their membership numbers by 10x in the last year alone.

So how did they do this?

Let’s go Behind The Membership to hear from Christelle herself…

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